Customer Testimonials

If you are wondering about Breathe Vélo's merino cycling kit, here are some customer testimonials from both the Breathe Vélo and ELEVEN vélo customers... (also read what the press has said)


July 21, 2021

I received my second pair of race bibs yesterday.

They are without a doubt the most comfortable base layer I have ever worn. I wear them under my bib overalls on a daily basis.

Gary W,  Sacramento USA


August 3, 2020

I love how minimalist and lightweight the SD jersey is, pared back to everything you need and nothing you don't (eg low profile zipoer). This makes it great for multi day trips where pack size is a premium. Pockets are super generous which I really appreciate.

I definitely notice the difference between 100% merino and other jersey I have that are a blend. I wear a superlight merino sleeveless baselayer underneath, which has a low-ish neckline, and I notice a distinct cold spot at high speeds in my other blend jerseys where I don't have the full coverage. I don't get that same sensation with this jersey, I guess because it's warmer in its own right, but I also don't overheat any more at high intensity. The fabric feels great against your skin even when wet.

Emma Flukes, Tasmania @oneflukeshot


June 29, 2020

”I’ve received the bibs and have been using them for about a week. They are absolutely amazing!

I’ve had three 35+ km rides wearing them and only air-dried them afterwards. Not only they’re comfortable but they’re still fresh with no smell whatsoever. That can’t be said about my couple of months old synthentic riding shirt which has been washed after every 1-2 rides. The shirt already has a lasting stink of sweat, even right after a wash and an air-dry.”

Visa K, Finland


September 1, 2019

"The Merino G Boxer shorts have been brilliant, such a game changer, I'm like why haven't I done this before???"
Brett C. New Zealand


June 30, 2019

“The jersey fits so nicely,  that it looks like it was custom made for me.  Sizing seems to be closer to North American sport as opposed to than Italian race.  I'm 171cm tall, weigh 76kg, wear medium in Louis Garneau and the Super Domestique 38 fits me nicely.

Even at 27C in dry weather, the jersey was comfortable over 100km of riding, because it allows the humidity from the body to evaporate quickly and cool you off.  The top quality merino is very soft, slightly elastic and comfortable for the entire day, remaining odor free.  In fact, at the end of the day, you can just rinse it off with plain water and it comes out fresh smelling. The black color is very rich and chic. The pockets are reinforced and quite deep.

I look forward to riding in this jersey and other Breathe Velo products.”

Marc, Canada


May 25, 2019

Dear Breathe Velo Crew, the jersey, bibs, and arm warmers arrived. 

The jersey’s not quite the color I expected: it’s even better! And the quality is fantastic. So too the bibs and arm warmers. It all fits well. 

I’ve been recommending you to as many people as possible. I look forward to dealing with you again. 

Yours truly,

Mark M, Vic AUS


April 8, 2019

LOVE knicks (or as I say, shorts)!

I posted about them on an Internet forum that I am on frequently that is the hardcore frame builders and so on.

Also mentioned that you have jerseys that are very discrete without the crazy ass branding. This is important as there was a huge discussion a number of months ago amongst some hard core riders from around the world desperate for jerseys just like you make.


Jon M, New York US


Nov 29, 2018

Received my order and have had two occasions to wear the top.

Pleased to report it is everything you described. The two mornings were about 14C when I started and the fabric kept the cold off my upper body brilliantly. It is light, very comfortable, and no itch whatsoever. It worked so well that I intend to get the arm warmers next year to complete the comfort.

Thanks again, a wonderful product that I will have no hesitation in recommending.

Greg P, Perth, Western Australia


Nov 17, 2018
"I received the bibs today!! 
The fit is perfect and the fabric is second-to-none! 
I haven't gotten to ride yet ... but these are indisputably the most comfortable bibs I've ever put against my skin!!
Thanks again for all your assistance & care!
I can't wait to head out with Breathe Vélo on my trip!"
Casey L, Wyoming US


First of all, let me tell you I am very happy with the jersey and bib I received. Classy and comfortable, that's what I was looking for.”

Jean-Pierre L, France

I have to say that with respect to fit and cut, you guys absolutely nailed it. This is without doubt the nicest fitting jersey I have owned, and probably the nicest fitting bit of clothing I’ll ever own. I totally subscribe to the measure thrice, cut once philosophy. The sleeves are the perfect length, the chest is virtually wrinkle free, yet you can hardly feel the garment over the torso. The pockets are deep and I see that they are double layer, so that definitely explains how you can make a no sag claim.”

Marc B, Canada

Since we have had a couple of cold mornings, you will be happy to know there has been great feedback about the jerseys. They (Club order for Classic-R) fit well, are really comfy and look very smart. Thanks for looking after us.”

Michelle M, AU: Dulwich Hill Bicycle Club (est. 1908)

I have been exclusively using your bibs (short and long version) for several years. During that time , I have tried on Kitsbow (2 styles), Search and State (2 styles), and Rapha (1 style). I've sent each pair back....NONE compare. Your bibs move with me best, the shammy is cut the best, the styling remains fantastic. Thank you for the excellent gear. ”

Andrew S, US

Salesperson at Macpac suggested you 18 months ago when I asked about buying a replacement merino cycling jersey I bought from them previously but they discontinued. This purchase is my second from you. Won’t be last either.”

Scot K, AU

Beautiful piece of kit [Classic-R jersey, Premium Race Knicks, Universal Beanie] ! I'm well pleased... Retro and modern at the same time. Excellent quality that will last me a lifetime!”

Chris B, UK

My order for 3 Garrison 170 Ts arrived today and it was more than worth the wait. They're beautiful! I finally have the Tees I've been looking for - they fit like tees, not like a body suit; the sleeves are long enough (thank you) and the fabric is slightly heavier than my other merino tees. Perfect!!!

Because the fabric is so soft and has a nice bit of stretch to it, I'm actually finding it hard to believe it's a 100% merino product. It is, right?

Steve C, Canada

My order arrived today. It's fits brilliantly, looks awesome and is super comfortable. Thanks so much.

Josh G, Sydney, AU

Stunning. Gorgeous. I absolutely love the fabric, design and fit. I’ve never owned a Merino Wool jersey, don’t know if I can ever go back to that other stuff now.... Can’t wait for the next order for the June, 2017 ride. I’ll be ordering two jerseys per rider.
Thanks so much.

Larry S, California, US

I've been riding in an Eleven Velo jersey since last year and it's my go-to jersey for comfort and temperature control. I much prefer the natural feel to most 'aero' jerseys and also quite happily ride it in the height of summer and depths of winter. Merino is great as it doesn't smell and wicks away sweat really well. Combine it with a merino base layer and you're ready to ride anywhere, anytime.”

P. Young, via

I have been wearing my new Super Domestique jersey every day for a week. Fit is a good as the best I have used, quality of build top notch, fabric fabulous, and all very comfortable.
The pockets are not just the best I have used on a wool jersey, but the best on ANY jersey I have worn. No sag, supports the load (had two inner tubes, several CO2 cartridges, vest, food, gloves, and a camera in them today), and VERY easy to use.”

D. 'shiggy' Person, US

OMG! They're [Super Domestique Jerseys] here. And beautiful. And fit wonderfully. And can't wait. Going for a ride tomorrow.”

Robb M, US

I got the kit a few weeks ago and I’m impressed! The jersey is really nice and fits perfect. The musette bag is also well detailed and just what I was looking for.”

Chris S, US

Greetings again!
Thought I'd email you all and let you know the shorts came in last week, just in time for the official start of downpour season here in Seattle. They fit wonderfully (finally, shorts longer than my underwear!) and I'm excited to get the other half of kit, since I put in a jersey order not long after the shorts. Also thought you'd know you've got another fan here in Washington--I met a fellow at our local CX series who was a convert from R***a and loves your stuff too.

Happy riding”
Ian, US

Hi, I received the adjusted bibs and they fit perfectly on the bike. Seems like I am not wearing bibs at all, very, very comfortable. Have got many comments on how good the top looks and the quality. Thanks for the modification.”

Simon, AU


I've been wearing these shorts for almost a year now so thought it about time for a brief write-up.

My previous @zoicclothing shorts which used to be made in the USA were getting a little worn after 10 years of use so when I notice @elevenvelo on ‪‎cycleexif‬ I decided to investigate. I had tried find Canadian made cycling clothing with no luck and the USA and UK offering didn't resonate with me much. Anyhow. These Universal shorts are made from sturdy materials, double layer at the seat. The stretch bands work awesome when coupled with the high cut at the back of the short, reduces crack exposure. They have now switched from a zippered crotch to stretchy gusseted which I wish I had waited for. They are available in a myriad of colours and options, one being narrow or regular cut. I got the regular but in the future I'd go with the narrow. All in and after a year of good hard city riding these ‪‎cycling shorts‬ have held up well. On top of that Gerard at ‪‎Eleven velo‬ was great to deal with.

Phil @ Roche Cycles (via Instagram), Canada

Just dropping you a note to let you know that I recently received the kit I ordered and just went on my first ride. This is now my favorite kit, the quality is outstanding and the fit is spot on. The jersey pockets are definitely no-sag as advertised and the zipper garage is a nice feature. The bib chamois is very comfortable and the stash pockets might be my favorite feature. The wool is very soft compared to lycra and it never felt clammy as I started sweating. I will definitely be ordering another kit in the near future!”

Mark, US

I love the jersey you made for me. The fit is great. That's why I wanted to get a new one. Rode in a century ride a couple of weeks ago and that jersey helped me get through it. Cool in the morning and a little warm in the afternoon. Felt comfortable in it all day.

Looking forward to the new jersey.”

John, US

My Apres Hoodie came in today! I'm very happy with it and am really glad you were able to make the post-order changes that I requested. The shade of red (in the hood lining) is spectacular and looks way better in person. I will save up my beans for a jersey or two for next year. Looking forward to doing business with you again.
Keep up the good work.”

Pascal, Canada

It's here [Pro Jersey]! Expectations exceeded - it's beautiful. Thanks for going the extra mile on this one

David, US


When I received my first ELEVEN vélo order recently, I incorrectly thought the sleeves & torso were too long without even going for a ride. For several days I figured I botched the measurements before my mum pointed out there was nothing wrong. Today I was riding around Centennial in that 10 degree snap & most grateful for the length. The mechanics of your ordering system is kinda fun with the ordering cycle & cut fabric progress pictures etc. It’s nice getting a one off made to measure for not much money considering. Gratitude!

Tim, AU

Thanks Mate!10 out of 10 [Pro Jersey]

Ian, AU

I am loving my [women's Knicks]! They fit perfectly. Very happy with your product and service. And your regular update emails were much appreciated. Thank you very much!

Wanita, AU

It's arrived [bespoke Team Jersey], fits like a glove and looks great

Nick, AU

Went for a ride yesterday - 112km /45 degrees in my Eleven Velo gear- Bellissimo!!!
Absorption / temp. control was great.

Garth, AU

It's arrived [bespoke Team Jersey], fits like a glove and looks great

Nick, AU

Shorts ARE GREAT!! The size is excellent (don't think I have another pair with such a fit and I have a lot.. also from big names brands like ASS***, CAST****, RA*** etc.), the feel of fabrics as nothing else. Just will give 6 or 7 on 5 level scale!! Really THANKS for such a great product.

Daniel V, Israel

The bibs are excellent. They were cool and wicked away sweat. Amazing. Teamed with the [Pro] Jersey – most comfy ride I have had for a long time.

Ian R-S, AU

I recently purchased a few items from you and I can report that they are literally the nicest cycling garnets I own. This is no small claim, as I own fabrics from the likes of As..., Ra..., and others. In addition to the high quality, I like that these items were crafted in an actual sew shop.

Matthew L-T, US

My Apres Hoodie came in today! I'm very happy with it and am really glad you were able to make the post-order changes that I requested. The shade of red (in the hood lining) is spectacular and looks way better in person. I will save up my beans for a jersey or two for next year. Looking forward to doing business with you again.

Keep up the good work.”

Pascal, CA

Like christmas come early :) ...Jerseys fit fine. Sleeve length on the L/S is perfect. Fit isn't too tight or loose so I can definitely grow into it via muscle and hopefully not fat. Knicks and bibs feels great.

Many thanks for helping me get the fit right. ”

Ray S, AU will be one of my 'go-to' kits, no question [Club Jersey + Premium Bibs]. That's a privileged position by the way - not many kits make the cut on that!

Rich G, AU


...We are very happy and totally in love with the jersey, thanks a lot ;-)...

S Lipp, Austria

...It's beautiful, it's haptics are very very nice. The fit..., well I will return for sure for another one when the paunch I developed will be gone. To my mind (as i already knew) Eleven makes the best merino jerseys and shirts of them all...

Rainer H, Germany

...just a thank you for my clothes, they're a revelation. I run hot and the jersey by itself is perfect for Sydney winters. Wool is amazing why is it kept a secret? It's meant to be heavy, uncomfortable, itchy and hot- it's neither?!!! My other jerseys feel like wearing a plastic bag. As a test I wore your jersey 3 consecutive days for 1.5 to 2 hrs each ride. After all that there was no smell to speak of. By comparison I have a sportwool (52% wool) jersey by a popular maker that I can't stand to be in the same room with after one ride! Wool only for me from now on.

The Knicks are my first ever bib pair, so I can't compare. Suffice to say I couldn't go back to elastic waist. Thanks again.”

Ben B, AU

My new 3/4 bibs are really great. Impressed with the way they fit perfectly when I'm on the bike. And so comfy on a winters morning!

David L, AU

“ you want a short term high mileage review?

It goes without saying my Club Jersey is great. The fit and quality are awesome and I never doubted it having other Eleven Velo tops. The Premium Bib shorts were an unknown. Never tried them, never seen a pair but I had ordered two sets with stash pockets and blue stitching. The bibs arrived the day before I rode from Mizen Head to Malin Head in Ireland over 500 miles in four days with a real mixed bag of weather.

Day 1 I put the shorts on. Fit was great with lovely compression and a real feel of quality. Before I even got on the bike I had compliments on both the quality and the stash pockets. Day one was a monster nearly 150 miles crossing passes and the rolling Irish coast. Mixed weather with cold wet spells and wind. The bibs were great both in comfort and the magical merino temperature regulator. They thundered on over two more days of 100+ miles with no fuss. Day four I put on my ride shorts that we all wore for the charity....they lasted a couple of ours before the premium bibs were back on.

I have worn Assoss for the last 12 years with a couple of other pretenders on the way that didn't last long. They are now at the bottom of cycle kit draw with thee Eleven Velo bibs taking the crown.

Great looks, great feel, great comfort and a run by a pretty great chap.

I would have no dout in thoroughly recommending these shorts.”

Jon G, UK

“I just received the jersey.
The craftsmanship, the quality of the wool and the style are really top quality.
I have been wearing Merino cycling garments from Ibex, Kucharik and Smartwool for years and I want to tell you that yours is the best of all!
I think I'll buy one more.


Giovanni, Italy

“Hey Gerard,

They have arrived!! They truly look awesome. Thank you very much for your patience and support. We are definitely going to turn some heads.

All the best.”

David W, ID, USA - (Printed Team Jerseys order)

“Awesome surprise last night when I got home from work (at 23:30): jersey - will use tomorrow morning, neck warmer (wanted to sleep in it it's that comfy), beanie and hoodie great colours (a tiny bit long but I'm used to that (the price of being short) all feel amazing.

Thanks for your help and customer care. I'm sure I'll get more items in the future.!”

And a follow up....

“...just a little feed back from the jersey, beanie and neck warmers first ride.

You really must try harder!!!!!!!

What I mean to say is that why doesn't every bike rider have one of your jerseys????

I normally wear a base layer on early morning rides but today thought I'd try without to test your product..... WOW it was the most comfortable 92k I've ever done, never felt damp next to skin not troubled by the chilly morning breeze just amazing.

The beanie should be issued with every helmet sold not to hot or annoying under the helmet just perfect and helped avoid sweat in the eyes which was nice.

The neck warmer is a great piece of kit different to my previous ones, amazing comfort does not feel too tight and I forgot I was wearing it.
Far out!

Neil M, AU/Scotland

“...the package arrived yesterday (March 17th) - Right on time! Your production time line is spot on. Thanks!
Now, a little about the kit. The material of the jersey is light, feels great and is very comfortable. It is a little thinner than I was expecting but that is not a 'defect'. The bibs are fantastic!

The material, the hand and feel is soft & fleecy with just the right amount of stretch. The blending of the lycra and the merino wool is nice and the stitching on both pieces is super nice, flat lock and no 'rough' edges to chafe or irritate. The chamois pad is super comfortable - much like my bibs that cost 2X as much!! The only 'negative' is the straps could have a little more elasticity or give to them but that is probably because I am used to other brands that have straps that are more stretchy. And the understated 'branding' - just a few brand tags round out the whole package and make for a nice, classic, high end look instead of a rolling billboard!

I am completely satisfied with the kit.

Keep up the good work!”

Drew, CA, USA

“Hey @elevenvelo: the l/s merino team jersey is perfect! I even got to pick the colors - go design yours at Oh, and thanks to my helmet and gloves for the photo.”

@klei_ber, USA via. Instagram

“ bibs turned up today in the mail. Haven't had a chance to give them a test ride yet but just wanted to say how impressed I am with the workmanship. Really beautiful indeed and well exceeding that of a product in that price range.

...just went for a ride this morning... Easily the best bibs I have owned”

Keir W, McLennan Cycles

“ I received my new jersey, and wore it for a ride this morning. I'd have to say that it's my new favorite, so thank you! A park ranger even pulled his truck over to ask where I got it. ”

Dylan W, CA, USA

“Received and I LOVE it! Will be getting more. Keep up the good work.”

Max vT, BC, Canada

“...I just got my jersey yesterday, and just love it.”

Wayne Y, Taiwan

“...guess I did not really state this...I LOVE these bibs!”

Lance G, USA

“Your level of assistance and customer service is by far one of the best I have had.”

Robert, USA


Apologies for not jumping back into this email to let you know that I did in fact get this really really nice jersey from you!

I really like how light weight the wool is. This will work very well here when the weather finally gets warm enough.”

Terry G, USA

“I really love the arm warmers, and they're the first I've managed to find that fit me properly... Thanks again!”

Rebecca, AU

“...Thanks for the beautiful wool jerseys. They arrived on Monday and are almost too nice to wear!
Thank you!”

Lyn G, AU

“...they're very nice garments.”

Julie S, AU

“Thank you for the workmanship and quality of the garment, it is great and you have me as a faithful customer for years to come.”

Andrew K, AU

“Rode the Kona Dirty Weekend 24hr MTB meet in the Adelaide Hills on the weekend - kitted out in one of your Merino jerseys + arm warmers - they are a great bit of gear.
Natural climate control day, night, rain, wind, sweat or sun.”

George T, AU

“G - again you've surpassed my expectations. Awesome piece of kit, fits absolutely perfectly (Mountain Bike Shorts). I'm looking forward to giving it a right royal thrashing. I was a bit concerned whether it would fit or not but those fears were unfounded. Stoked. Thanks!”

Steve N, AU

“Just got the marathon bibs and merino jersey and rode my first 100km with it! What can I say just fx#%ing awesome. Keep on the great job!!!”

Stéphane, Paris, FR

“My order arrived this morning – thank you! Both items (Beenie and Universal) are excellent, and the Universal is a perfect fit.

Thanks also for such prompt service – I shall return!”

Bill, UK

“Merino 2: WOW!!! Amazing quality; warm, warm, warm....and comfortable beyond belief.

Premium Bibs: beyond my wildest imagination... top notch quality with bells and whistles galore. Amazing. Comfortable. Warm. And perfect custom fit. I'm still amazed at how pieces of cloth can come together and fill me with this kind of joy. I'm smiling just thinking about this evening, when I slip into them to go for my evening ride.”

Hector, AU

“great product, excellent buy . perfect for English winter. i like the way i was allowed to chose the colours for the beanie”

Mark, UK

“GREAT JERSEY!!!! Very happy with my jersey. Thanks. Will order some more. So glad to get wool - good on you guys.”

Hamish, AU

“It is lovely - thanks.

It all fits perfectly. At first I thought the merino was a little short, but rode in it today (on my head down fixie) and it was just fine. Perhaps 10mm more for total 'no arse crack' comfort, but thats picky! T fits well, and all is made beautifully. The bag is excellent...”

Paul, NZ

“Perfect mate, love them great workmanship… (Ride Pouch)”

Cheers, Donovan AU

“Today I received the package. I am very pleased with the materials quality and especially with your manufacturing.”

Jose, Exclusive Bikes, Spain

“The bibs are excellent. Perfect fit and they were nice and comfy on my ride in to work this morning. I can see why people rate bibs over knicks. I am keen to order another set exactly the same.”

Tom, AU

“I have received the Standard Leg Warmers and impressed with the quality, and have already been recommending them to my mountain biking buddies around the world. So hopefully you'll get some more orders.”

Lee, AU

“Hey G... Thanks for the jersey and knicks. Absolutely top notch gear as per usual. Look forward to thrashing the kit on the streets and trails... Cheers!”

Steve, AU

“It's only been 1 day but my new @elevencc Wooly Bottoms might be my favorite piece of bike clothing.”

@themichaelsmith, US

“Thank you for the beautiful garments they are all off excellent quality and workmanship. My husband was very impressed and extremely grateful for this gift.”

C. Roxburgh, AU

“Shorts just arrived safely. I don’t think I’ll take them off for a long time :) Amazing fit and style. Thankyou so much!”

Dihan, AU


“Ohh, bit of a delay there. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the verdict of the Wellington jury.

They are smashing. They’ve been out on four rides now and washed them a couple of times. Really comfy and an improvement on even the old shorts. I like the slightly looser leg at the bottom and the length is perfect for me. The merino works well. I was a little dubious about how stiff the ballistic nylon panels are, but didn’t notice them while riding. I know from my old courier bag that this stuff softens up well anyway. Pockets good, fit good, side adjusters simple and the elastic bits keep them up without being too tight. The four poppers give me plenty of adjustment. A couple of the rides were full bush bashing in the rain (including climbing a 6m cliff and rope), so I wondered how the merino would stand up to being tugged by bush lawyer and snagged on rocks. All good so far. If I could alter anything, I’d say I prefer the double button closure of the older shorts – it tends to spread the load around and the single popper does seem to dig in a little (particularly as all shorts I have tend to slip down at the back a bit while riding). A double popper would fix it I think, but I had no problems with the buttons. Otherwise, nothing else. No side pockets, which I don’t miss (the pockets on my old ones are now sewn into the seat!) and knowing now that the accent colour is inside the pocket and waist I might have gone for something a bit brighter (I thought it was on the outside). But that is neither here nor there. And I know that the more I ride and wash them, the softer and better they get.

When my old shorts finally die, or I tire of the Ground effect ones I have that are too short and not cut right for me, I’ll be ordering more. And more bibs too, which are the best I’ve got.

Worth waiting for, eh!”

Paul, NZ