Classic R merino cycling jersey and Derby wool cycling jersey on models with beach in the background


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Premium Race Bibs and Super Domestique Jersey reviewed

Cycle Exif Review 2016

“Not all kits are created equal. Not all kit has to be lycra. Take a leap of faith and give some wool a try – not only will you be pleasantly surprised (and nice and comfortable), but you will also be wearing a kit that is yours and yours alone.”


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Cycle Exif, November, 2016

Ragtime Cyclist – UK


“All told this is a really nice, stylish, good quality jersey to add to your wardrobe, with the added bonus that you can design it to match your other kit, your bike, your shoes, your hair colour, or the wallpaper in your living room if you prefer.

It’s worth mentioning the price, too.

In the merino jersey market kit at £90 and upwards is par for the course. At around £75 (depending on exchange rates), the ‘super domestique’ is a lovely thing for the money.”


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Ragtime Cyclist, September, 2016

11spd: This week’s best new bike gear


“With so many brands producing cycling clothing these days, it’s always a pleasant surprise to stumble onto something genuinely different. Eleven Velo is an Australian company with a long history making merino wares.”

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Bike Radar, July 1, 2016

Pivot Bibs and Pro Jersey reviewed


“Overall, I was thoroughly impressed from my time in the saddle with the Eleven Velo kit. I also quite enjoyed the process of choosing my design, though be prepared to spend a lot of time in front of that custom jersey builder – it’s addictive! As an Aussie, I also love the idea of buying a local product that comes with minimal air miles and a focus on ethically and sustainably sourced materials.”

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Bike Rumor, June 16, 2016

Premium Race Bibs and Pro Jersey reviewed

Breathe Vélo review by Cycling Tips 2016

“There is a lot to appreciate about Superfine Merino and Eleven vélo’s jersey and bibshorts. The quality of the fit and the feel of the fabric are unique and really needs to be experienced to be understood entirely. That Eleven vélo gives every customer the tools to customise the colour and design of each garment adds significantly to the value of each, as does the option for bespoke modifications.”

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Cycling Tips, May 24, 2016

Bike Dr

Almost Lycra

Before Lycra, racing cyclists wore Merino wool jerseys. It has similar wicking properties, is lightweight, antimicrobial (meaning you can wear it for days without washing it), and, in the cooler months, retains warmth while wet. It can be expensive, but so can Lycra, and it’s a very effective alternative. Itchiness is the next consideration, but some of the new generation fibres have taken care of this problem as well, including for the bottom half. It’s good to look out for a gusseted crotch to keep the seams from where they shouldn’t be. Sydney Design studio Eleven Velo is a good place to start.”

If You Build It

“Eleven Velo is a premium bike clothing designer and manufacturer with a twist. Clothes can be divided into categories including ‘I Ride Trail’ and ‘I Ride City’ which has had the studio divided on which category purchase things from.

Much like the core material used by Eleven Velo (merino wool), their unique and personalised work ethic is an often stereotyped Australian value actually being put into practice. It’s refreshing!

A little bit different, a lot more personal. Their site is fully comprehensive, and explains in detail their processes and systems. Don’t be afraid because it’s not H&M, ASOS or genericinternetclothing101.

They do large bundle orders ready within two-three weeks, and order cycles are generally about (Ev ed: 7) days apart. As soon as one starts using this service they can see it’s a serious investment, and that Eleven CC will deliver on the goods.

The best thing about Eleven Velo is that they’re doing something they want to do. It’s energising to see people running a business about something they care for. We all have ‘that biker friend’ who has introduced us to Treadlie magazine and the like. You only have to wander up to Magnation to see the rise of biking as a trend and the ever increasing use of bike sharing and bike infrastructure, meaning that it’s never been a better time to update from Lycra.

Eleven Velo offer a range of products, the usual, as well as their own unique spin on things. They have team rates to help kit out your whole pack to keep them looking and feeling good, with some heavy discounts too! More interesting to us personally was their accessories section, where they carry a really cool version of the Classic Mussete Bag (“Because saddle bags are uncouth”!), as well as single arm and leg warmers.

Their design lines and colour palettes suit their choice of material and texture perfectly, giving the modern biker a more sophisticated and yet laid back look and a warmer, softer, more stylish option for cold morning rides. They also have services centring on design and biking culture, so they can help you out with a lot more then looking good! If you have bike trouble give them a shout out (Ev ed: ?!). One of the best Sydney design firms we’ve seen. Eleven Velo in a hashtag? #genuinenotgeneric.”

If You Build It, company blog

Premium Trail Shorts reviewed

“And they are very comfy indeed. There’s loads of room for pads, they’re warm but breathable, and even on soaking wet rides I was only left with a slightly damp chamois. In fact, the only down side is that when wet they get a little heavy and start to droop; there is no fit adjustment available [EV note: we have now added them!]. But overall, these are well-mad, tough, warm and well cut.”

“…If you’re feeling a little more flush, the Eleven Velo ones are pretty special. It’s a rare treat to find mountain bike clothing which is made to measure, and the results are excellent. Perhaps the only improvement would be an adjustable waistband, but that’s small beer [EV note: And one we fixed :)]. We like them a lot.”

Singletrackworld, issue 102


Enduro Mag Issue 28, Australia


“….but we can tell you that this is some of the finest damn cycling apparel we’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing.” Full article here… or click the image for a ‘screen grab’ version.

“In short, this kit is fantastic. The design and styling is classy, and is a nice change of pace from the logo heavy race kit we are all used to seeing. It’s produced ethically and responsibly, it’s made from high quality materials, shows fantastic craftsmanship, is available in a size range to fit most anybody, performs amazingly well, and is very comfortable. In fact, it’s so comfortable, it’s like riding in my pajamas. And if all that wasn’t enough, you get to pick out the colors. With all that in mind, the cost of these products is very reasonable, and quite competitive. When it comes time to purchase more clothing, ELEVEN vélo’s gear will be at the top of my list, and should be on your’s too.” Full article here…

“Ok you might say, so do plenty of other companies, why the spotlight on these guys, considering they are on the other side of the world?

Well, simply put, if like me, you don’t always want to look like everyone else on the bike, and have a penchant for colour co-ordination, Eleven Velo offer something a bit different.”


“Overall, the enjoyment to be had tinkering around with your own designs on shouldn’t be underestimated – even if you just want to have a play – go look.

The quality of the products, especially the shorts, was also fantastic – and perfectly suited to life on the bike.” Full article here…

The Discerning Cyclist

“Why is their product so special that we are posting about it? Well, simply put, it’s customizable. One visit to their website, and you will quickly find they have a myriad of options for all of the items they produce, allowing you to design and order exactly what you want. This isn’t race kit emblazoned with logos and sponsors of teams and companies, but rather, classy apparel designed to perform well.” Full article here…

“Overall, both the Eleven Velo Mod Merino Trail jersey and Premium Trail shorts offer a comfortable ride, customizable fit and stylish looks that you have almost complete design control over. They are a premium brand using high quality materials and have unique design features not found anywhere else. Made to order is never cheap, so if you are looking for bargain priced biking clothes, look elsewhere. But if you are looking for something unique that will fit well and last OR if you find it hard to find bike clothes that fit you just right, check out the offerings from Eleven Velo.”Full Review here…

“10 Cool Summer Cycling Kits you’ve got to see…
Not much for the synthetic stuff, maybe wool is more to your liking. If so, be sure to check out Eleven Velo.”

I bike

“Finally, an Australian brand with an Australian-made product that can compete with overseas offerings.
If you’re a serious cyclist, even if you’re more of a casual rider, you owe it to yourself to try some of Eleven’s range..”

“I can’t say enough good things about them [BiPosto Ride Boxers]. They fit like a glove and I frequently forget I even have them on. At this point, I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

“For owning a one-of-a-kind, designed by you, handmade for you jersey… you really can’t beat it..”