Bamboo, Merino Blends etc.?

Do we use Bamboo or Merino Blends? No.

In regards to bamboo, we have trialled various types of pure and bamboo blends and found they offer no advantage over Superfine Merino; many are actually worse for thermal control, displaying characteristics closer to cotton when it becomes wet (leaching body heat and becoming cold).

The biggest issue with Bamboo though is while some like to claim the sustainable nature of bamboo fabrics, a little research will reveal that the process used to turn what is essentially a very tough fibre, into a soft fabric you can wear is anything but sustainable. So while the raw material, the bamboo grass (it’s classed as a grass, not a tree), is very sustainable, turning into a soft fabric is not, in fact it’s pretty nasty.

We also do not use blended fabrics such as ‘Sportswool’ (or other such polyester laminated wools, except for our shell material), bamboo/wool blends or charcoal impregnated Merino.

Pure Superfine Merino is a natural fabric with many natural attributes, that simply does not need ‘enhancing’. In fact, we have found many of the so called blended or ‘enhanced’ Merino fabrics on the market actually detract from the natural attributes; why buy top shelf Vodka if you are then going to mix it with orange juice…?